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Logo Design, 

Brand Language Development

Brand Illustration

Packaging Design
Product Design


~ 8 weeks


The Brief


Mumkin is a service that wants to give expectant and new mothers a little TLC with nourishing snacks, self-care products, information resources and other assorted knick-knacks, all curated to help them plan and prepare for the new entrant in their lives. Each product in their neat hampers is carefully researched and vetted by experts to be of the highest quality.  


Mumkin asked us to design an identity and brand language that launched them as a young, lively brand, and which was flexible enough to adapt to their needs as they grew into different domains.

Reinterpreting the Brief


Moms today parent differently - they are confident and well-researched with strong opinions about how their children are to be raised - no longer willing to take advice given to them without question. While taking care of their babies, they place incredible importance on self-care, understanding that one cannot happen without the other. 


We decided that Mumkin should speak the language of these moms - a mature, informed tone that doesn’t infantilize them, and places them and their well-being at the center of the child bearing experience. 


The logo

Keeping this approach in mind, and the fact that the brand intended to grow into other spaces as well, we decided the logo would avoid the semantics of pregnancy and babies. Instead
we designed it to exude a sense of care and friendliness, with a little bit of love incorporated into how the letters flow into each other, cradle each other, and terminate in soft ends. Compact
and clean, it is legible even at a small size and can be stamped, etched, sewn or printed on  multiple media without any loss in integrity.

The warm mature purple was decided upon after several rounds of experimentation, and is the foundation for the brand’s colour palette.


The Mumkin brand had to be applied to an exhaustive product line, each of which had to put a smile on the customers' (and their babies’) face.

To enrich the brand language - to give it more verbs and nouns to speak in - we designed a suite of illustrations that could be used across all products, with the flexibility to create new illustrations for different contexts in-built into the style. None of the products repeated an illustration, ensuring each was a sweet point of surprise and delight for the customer.

Brand Illustrations

The logo, illustrations and patterns, when used together, establish the Mumkin brand as one that stands with moms, cares for their comfort, and supports their choices to be whatever kind of mom they wish to be.


Labels for boxes of healthy treats


Swaddle design


Flash card desigs for early learning

Comment Cards.jpg

Cards to leave wishes for the baby

Box Mockups.jpg
Sonograph Frame.jpg

Tin Label Design


Cute onsie print

Frame to display the first ultrasound

Labels for the main box

Booklet 2.jpg
Booklet 3.jpg

Activity book to entertain mom

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