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The Stuff of Life

Logo Design, Brand Language Development
The Brand

The Stuff of Life is a consultancy that crafts growth-oriented communication, brand and business strategy that’s rooted in an immersion in the audiences’ day-to-day world, and the 'stuff' - social media, fashion, sport, current affairs, technology, entertainment, products - they surround themselves with.  

The Brief
The Stuff of Life came to us for a logo and brand language that encapsulated their curiosity and unique, immersive approach to strategy. 
The Thinking
The Thinking

TSOL is powered by a curiosity about how the media, products, technologies ,fashions and trends that people engage with, builds culture. Instead of looking at culture as a monolith, their approach seeks insights in the sum of its parts, revelling in the noise and colour of it all. This approach to strategy, as a key differentiator,  needed to be expressed in their brand language.  

TSOL’s brand essence was therefore defined by these keywords - Curious. Immersive. Vibrant.

The Visual Approach

The wunderkammer - collections of exotic objects - became the primary inspiration for the logo and the brand language. The cabinets - filled with specimens, diagrams, exotic and mundane objects, artefacts, accessories and more - offer us insights into the scientific discoveries, technological innovations,  trending fashions, religious beliefs, and cultural obsessions of mid-sixteenth century Europe. This made them a perfect metaphor for TSOL’s approach to strategy.

The Logo

The TSOL Logo mimics shelves of a wunderkammer that’s full of colour and pattern. There is a method to the madness however, with the use of a strong grid and clean shapes.

TSOL_Website Graphics-23.jpg
TSOL_Website Graphics-22.png

The Brand Colour Palette


The TSOL colour palette features an extravagant five saturated colours, instantly setting it apart from other consultancies in the same field.

TSOL_Colour Palette-02.jpg

The Graphic Style


A mix of images and shapes, the TSOL graphic style is layered and rich. 

Business Card.jpg

Business Card Design 

New Year's greeting GIF 

The Stuff of Life.gif

Graphics for the brand's portfolio of services

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