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APRE Art House

Logo Design, Brand Language Development, Brand Illustration
The Brand

APRE Art House is a young upcoming gallery started by Prerna Jain based in Mumbai that supports emerging and mid-career artists who work in a multitude of media to comment on complex contemporary social and political issues.

The Brief
The gallery wanted to refresh their logo and develop a brand language that reflected its vision and aesthetic across all customer touchpoints.
The Thinking
The Thinking

The difference between one gallery and another comes down to the founder and the choices she makes. To that end, the voice and look of the APRE brand would be unique only if it reflected the founder's aesthetic and point-of-view, without overpowering the art itself. 

APRE’s  brand essence was defined by these keywords -
Sophisticated. Aspirational. Opinionated.

The Visual Approach

Mirroring Prerna’s own aesthetic, the brand language needed to be bold with a slight edge. It also needed to be quite minimal, allowing the art to shine. Prerna was asked to put together a mood board of images that visually appealed to her - be it from the world of fashion, art, design - and this formed the starting point for the aesthetic of her brand.

The Logo

APRE’s initial logo had immense nostalgic value, so the changes we made had to keep its spirit intact. The word ‘APRE’ was tweaked to look graphic and clean - less like a collection of stacked letters. We kept the logo thin and delicate, but added a box behind it to ensure legibility against busy backgrounds.

APRE_Colour Palette-08.jpg

The Brand Colour Palette


Minimal and bold, the colour palette pairs a strong wine-red with a deep blue and white.

The Graphic Style


APRE’s art - the pulsing heart of the brand - is the key feature of the brand language. Close, zoomed-in crops of artworks reveal intimate details and add a tactility to the otherwise minimal language.


Type play forms the next important element of the brand language, with the use of a trio of happily dissonant typefaces in playful layouts that add more meaning to the text. 

Thin lines, lifted from the delicate logo, form the final design element that completes the APRE layout. 

These three elements are brought together to add layers of meaning to the text without taking focus away from the art itself

Exhibtition Title Typography

APRE_Website Graphics-17.jpg

Title typography for an exhibition about migration and the meaning of home

APRE_Website Graphics-18.jpg

Title typography for an exhibition about the vagaries of language & communication 

APRE_Website Graphics-14.jpg

Title typography for a show about the passage of and decay of time 

Unused title typography for a solo exhibition that explored the realm of the personal 

APRE_Website Graphics-19.jpg

Title typography for a series of exhibitions showcasing the gallery's collection, which would be held between two shows

APRE_Website Graphics-16.jpg

Exhibition brochure covers


 Exhibition brochure design 

APRE_Website Graphics-18.jpg

 Exhibition-specific giveaway bookmarks 


 An informative flyer about the gallery 


 Exhibition poster 

tote bag mockup.jpg

 Totebag design 

 Instagram Posts ​with a play of type, image and layout to reflect the meaning of the text  

Unpacking the art ecosystem - 4.PNG
Tapestry Making Workshop.png
Co.Mix 101.png
Snacking on Type.png

Branding for MAIR - the APRE Artist Residency Programmme


An extension of the APRE brand, MAIR furthers the gallery's vision of developing and supporting the young artists of the future. The logo is simple, contemporary and sharp, with colours inspired by the iconic Mumbai taxi to underline the Mumbai connect.

Mair Logo-01.png

 Instagram Posts ​for the MAIR residency that are playful to appeal to a younger audience 

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