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The Gen-Z Primer

Publication Design, Illustration 

Plum Insights

The Client

Plum Insights is a Mumbai-based strategic insights consultancy.

The Brief
Plum Insights wanted to convert their extensive research into the generational cohort ‘Gen-Z’ into an engaging publication they could share with brands hoping to make headway with this group of young people.
The Thinking
The Thinking

The book was about a young and dynamic cohort, with their own culture, manners of speaking and modes of communication. The best way for a reader of the report to begin to understand this unique subculture, we felt, was by designing the book to be an immersion in the GenZ world. Colourful, dynamic and irreverent were the keywords that guided us in the design of the publication.

The Visual Approach

As the preferred shorthand of the youth today, the emoji became the primary building block for our illustrations. A series of relevant and cheeky illustrations were developed using emoji, that were then littered around the text. We designed the book to be a visual feast,  with something new to see every time the reader opened the book. 

With a range of different types of content (long-form, interviews, key-insights, captions) and images, screenshots of news articles, YouTube and Instagram pages, photographs) it was important to design the book in a manner that made accessing the information easy. Type hierarchies and design formats were developed for each kind of content, and this system was adhered to throughout the book.


Graphics for the brand's portfolio of services

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