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Reisaan Health

Logo Design, Brand Language Development

Communication Collateral Design

Design for Social Media 

The Brand

Reisaan Health, founded by eminent endocrinologist Dr Roshani Sanghani, aims to help patients manage and heal chronic health conditions, ranging from diabetes to PCOS and more. Their unique programme marries cutting-edge medical research with holistic health practices to provide patients with a road map to good health that is sustainable, non-intimidating and jargon-free, empowering them to be in control of their own journey.

The Brief
Introduced to us by a strategy partner, the brand had reached a stage where its purpose statement - “Doctor-led, personalised care to make health into a way of life” - needed to be translated visually into a logo and brand language that expressed the brand’s unique approach to health. 
The Thinking

Initial attempts at defining the brand essence placed the  science of diabetes care as the lynch-pin for our designs. This however failed to completely capture what was truly special about Dr Sanghani's approach. 

The Thinking

Eventually, the patient testimonials for Reisaan Health held the key to defining the brand’s essence. Hopeless and fearful patients exhausted by medication and endless visits to doctors, spoke glowingly of the sense of calm and control they experienced after engaging with the empowering, approachable solutions of the 'Reisaan way'. This established the need for the brand language to set aside technicalities and medical jargon and speak purely to the consumer’s emotional needs. 

The Reisaan brand essence is therefore captured in these keywords:
Calm. Centeredness. Ease

The Visual Metaphor

Zen balancing stones seemed the perfect visual metaphor to represent this sense of calm - stones of varying sizes and weights resting upon each other in perfect ease. This metaphor formed the basis of the Reisaan visual language.

The Brand Language

With the zen stones as the guiding metaphor, we began to define a brand language for Reisaan that would play out primarily across social media, where Reisaan had amassed a large number of followers through its informative material. 

Simple shapes, balanced effortlessly on top of each other became perfect placeholders for content. This format allowed for a lot of play, which ensured our feed wouldn't look too clunky or repetitive. 

Reisaan Health_Colour Palette-20.png

The  Colour Palette and Fonts

We defined a stripped down, fresh colour palette that felt vivid and healthy, and paired this with open, friendly fonts. 

The Logo

The logo was an easy step after this long process of brand building. We drew from the founder’s 3-circle approach towards health and wellbeing (change at a mental level, a physical level and a lifestyle level) to design a simple, evocative logo. On the advice of a vastu expert, a pentagon (the vastu shape symbolising wellness) was also subtly integrated into the logo. The result is a mnemonic that radiates peace and centeredness - everything Reisaan stands for.

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