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Mapping a maze

A map designed to help people navigate the warren of lanes in Dharavi - the world’s largest slum, as well as the site of the ‘Alley Galli Biennale’.

A brief word on the AGB, sourced from their website. "Organised by SNEHA, the Dharavi Biennale aims to combine art and science, to highlight the contribution of the people of Dharavi to India’s economic and cultural life, and to share information on urban health. The Biennale invites Dharavi residents to meet, educate themselves on urban health, learn new skills, and produce challenging artworks. It is a collaboration between artists of all kinds, scientists and activists to develop locally resonant artworks that are authentic, honest and relevant."

The map displayed the sites of each exhibit and event of the Biennale, along with relevant landmarks. It followed the existing design language of the brand, using the gridded form and icons of the logo as the map markers. 

The front of the pamphlet held the map, the back, the calendar of events 

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