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Stories from Partition

The 1947 Partition Archive has taken on the responsibility of recording the stories of the survivors of Partition – a red letter event in the history of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. This traumatic event sliced through the South Asian subcontinent and the lives of its citizens - separating family from family, friend from friend, people from their homes and personal histories. These stories are an invaluable addition to our collective history, always reminding us of the cost of war.


We designed panels for ‘Voices of Partition’, an exhibition which seeks to create awareness about Partition, as well as the work done by the archive.

A graphic map of the Indian subcontinent, rendered in bold colour with lines splicing through, formed the basic motif of the design. Special care was taken to ensure that the colours used for each country didn't reflect any religious undertones.The use of editorial type and pull-out quotes ensured that even if the reader skimmed through the text, he or she would not miss the emotion contained within it.  

The introductory panel for the exhibition

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