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'Z-ee' whole truth

The Gen-Z Primer, envisioned and created by Plum Insights - a consultancy that helps businesses gain a cultural foothold in markets across South and South-east Asia - is an impressive compendium of the firm's indepth research into the minds and motivations of the youth of today. The content required a design that was dynamic (like its youthful subject matter), but didn't take away from its purpose - to provide businesses unique insights into the mind of this growing population. The book was designed such that every spread was unique and littered relevant yet irreverent illustrations built using emojis - the primary language spoken today. There was method to the madness, which a clear text hierarchy followed through the book ensuring that the reader was not overwhelmed by the wealth of information at any point. 

An illustrated timeline of Indian generations

Look at Plum Insights' work here,and a write up about the book here

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