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Of pages, pigment and nightengales

An illustration for the wonderful book - Like a Girl - which is a collection of stories about 50 iconic Indian women who have contributed to the rich history, culture, economics and politics of our country. The perfect read for young boys and girls (and adults) everywhere, these stories teach grit and resilience, strength and courage without sugar coating the sometimes hard realities of these womens' lives. 


Winding Road was given the opportunity to illustrate two special, musical sisters for the book- Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhosle. Set against a background of vines and notations - a 'swar mala' so to speak, the two women's portraits are surrounded by symbols of the kinds of music they lent their voices to - Lata, with traditional instruments, and Asha with the more global ones.

The process, step by step

Check out more of the wonderful illustrations, and learn more about the book here

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