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Founded by a pair of clinical psychologists, Psychratic seeks to use training sessions and academic research to spread information about mental health and its related issues. Their philosophy is firmly rooted in the belief that by helping people understand themselves and people different from themselves, the world can become a better place. 


Their branding is closely linked to their personalities - quirky, geekish with a sense of humour. The name itself is inspired by the Soctratic method of questioning (a tool they use in their work to challenge preconceived notions) which is depicted by the universal symbol of dialogue, the speech bubble. To add a tinge of character to this, we developed a mascot for the brand - Psychratease - a cranky customer ever on the prowl for a meal, and the perfect metaphor for the two founders.

Character design of Psychratease - modelled on Greek busts

Business Card

Iterations of Psychratease littered through the website.

Snips from a short poem introducing the website.

A scroll through the website

Meet the geniuses at Psychratic here

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